Celebrating Commonwealth Day 2013

(ANGUILLA, MARCH 12, 2013) – The Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association was fortunate enough to celebrate Commonwealth Day at three primary schools on the island. This would mark the beginning of many award ceremonies to present the winning House at each primary school with the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield.

The association was very excited to be able to go back to the schools with the award after spending the weeks leading up to each primary school’s Commonwealth Sports Day informing the schools about this new tradition. However, this time the association would be bringing some special guests with them to present the award to the winning Houses. Former Commonwealth Games athletes were invited to join the association at the schools to speak to the children about their Commonwealth Games experience and share some inspiring words about becoming an athlete of such high caliber.

Commonwealth Games athletes, Jonicia Richardson (left) and Renee Fleming (right), present the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield to Yellow House at Teacher Gloria Omololu Institute.

Commonwealth Games athlete, Kirthly Richardson (centre), presents the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield to Blue House at Central Christian School.
Commonwealth athletes, Brian Richardson (left), Kirthly Richardson (centre), Ronnie Bryan (Left), present the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield to Green House at Adrian T. Hazell Primary School.

The Celebration Continues

Following March 11th, the celebration continues as the association makes their way to each primary for the award presentations.

Commonwealth Games team manager, Derrick Carty (left) and athlete, Benjamin Phillips (right), present the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield to Red House at Vivian Vanterpool Primary School.

The association is looking forward to the remainder of the school visits and to celebrate the accomplishments of the primary school athletes. The association would like to thank the schools for taking the time out of their day for these presentations and assisting with making this event possible. Additionally, a special thanks to all the athletes who have been able to make it to the schools thus far and to those who are signed up for the visits in the upcoming days and following week.

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