July 2013 Event Highlight: The 14th Annual John T Memorial Race

(Anguilla, Wednesday 10 July 2013) – Cyclist from all over the Caribbean came to Anguilla to participate in the 14th Annual John T Memorial Cycling Race.

The race took place on Sunday, 7 July 2013, starting outside the Lime building in the Valley.  After a slightly late start the riders were off at about 10.56am, heading to the East of the Island to the Sandy Hill roundabout, back towards the West of the Island, then heading back from the West down to Sandy Ground, and then heading to the East again.  The cyclists covered most of the Island (3 times), 128 km, before heading to the finish line.

The heavens chose to open on that day relentlessly, but in spite of the heavy rain, the riders persevered and gave their all, resulting in a much deserved win for Maroni Chevalier of (St. Martin).  Russell Elcock of (Barbados) won 2 place, Jeffrey Raynauth of (Guyana) 3 place, Miguel Marechaux of (Guadeloupe) 4 place and Sherwin (Shortman) Osbourne of (Anguilla) 5 place.

The Masters and the Junior cycling teams also participated in their respective races.

The streets were lined with thousands of fans and well wishers.  Even the torrential down pour couldn’t phase them. 

The John T Memorial Cycling Race is an event that takes place every year in Anguilla in memory of Mr John Thomas, a much loved Anguillian who was born on the 16 July 1941, and died tragically on the 13 March 1991.

John Thomas was an avid sportsman.  He loved all sports and participated in most of them in his younger days, but as he matured, cycling became his favourite sport.

It was under his leadership that Anguillian cyclists were able to travel overseas to represent Anguilla, in Islands such as St Lucia, St Martin, Antigua and St Kitts.  Now, they travel as far as Australia, USA and the UK!!

May his memory live on forever.


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