Mission Statement 

To strengthen sport in Anguilla by participating at the Commonwealth Games and building all sports from grassroots to national level. 

Mandate of the Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association 

(The) Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association has developed the following mandate statement to ensure that the Mission Statement is at the forefront of the associations operations from day-to-day practice and long-term planning.  

  • To maintain the affiliation of the Association to the Commonwealth Games Federation (“hereafter known as “the CGF”)  
  • To promote the principles of the CGF in Anguilla;    
  • To be responsible for the Team representing Anguilla at the Commonwealth Games; 
  • To ensure that the Association is represented at the appropriate meetings and assemblies of the CGF and of all such(all) other (such) bodies as is deemed necessary;  
  • To represent and promote the best interests of Anguilla sports in general, and in particular at Commonwealth Games level(,) and to work with the governing bodies and others as appropriate to ensure that the Anguilla Team, at the Games, is as well prepared and to provide the leadership and support which will allow competitors to achieve their maximum potential at the Games; 
  • To raise funds and to accept monies subscribed to attain the objects of the Association; 
  • To be bound by the Constitution, the Protocols and the Regulations of the CGF and to act at all times in accordance with these; 
  • To encourage the development of sports people and sports infrastructure in Anguilla;  
  • To act as an umbrella organisation representing and promoting the interest of all sports in Anguilla; and 
  • To assist local sports associations to gain membership in the relevant international sports federations.  

Revised 2006